Today I'm very proud to say I went to a Art Gallery that my friend James Edward owns called Jouvenet Gallery  and the theme for the exhibition was "What Does Home Mean To You" and yes that is a wonderful question to ask because to people home might be just a shelter, a state or even a just your moms home cooking...

The Gallery was very beautiful and wished everyone could of been there to see
all the beautiful art work the was Hung up. I enjoyed that many artists showed different things that meant home to them either just being in their favorite chair in there home or just it being their lover. One of the artists put up a art piece of her and her bike which I thought was really cool because to some people the road is home. people have different meanings for the word home and was glad to have seen many art pieces up on it.  I did not submit a piece because the picture I wanted up I did not do and do not wish to take credit for it but if someone was to ask me what Home meant to me I would have
to say home is just a piece of structure a roof to keep the rain out,Walls to keep me safe and warm that is what the word home means to me but the FEELING of home for me would be sitting on my porch with my lover talking about nonsense exes, how our day went, gossip, or just make each other laugh and smile..another would be to be surrounded by friends weather it be surfing with my friend Josiah or cuddling with Erik and his Husband who likes to leave cum textures on my floor (XD) or even sitting on Andyy's lap making him listen to my problems then IM his husband telling him sry for sitting on his husbands lap and many more I can mention another thing that would mean Home to me would be my Family and i left it last because its so Important to me weather it Being Spike or just the Clan in general and to be honest i don't think i can fit all of that in one art piece....  

Sneak shot my Slutface Took when him and I were Sleeping

Erik Cuddling me
ZAIDEEEE and her man avi
Giving Zo a good old Spanking which he enjoyed XD

These pictures are just the important moments to me that i can say "wow i'm home" my lover and I my Family and Friends and if i had a picture of me and my surfing buddy Josiah i would def show it off....soo i showed you what home means to me and if your interested in returning the favor and telling me what home means to you just comment and share your piece of mind <3


  1. Excellent blog Zachy! Thank you again for coming to the opening...it was an honor to have you there. :)


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