Just Me

soo...this is my first Blog and  at first I wanted to make it about relationships, attention whores and music and fashion but in truth I think the first one should be about me...not trying to be cocky XD. I wish I could start everywhere but i'll start with my Family i won't boast and say my family is perfect because we can't we try hard to stay together and thanks to Spike who is my first SL parent and his Ex husband Onyx who tried they're hardest to be a good parent to Sky and I.
 My family keeps growing little by little I have
new brothers old brothers and sisters but i love them all..in my own way.No matter what drama hits us yea sure we freak the fuck out at first but then we forgive and TRY to forget...we try hard to talk things out but if you just up and leave you were never really family since I see myself as a person who can't give up on a person so thats how I pick the ppl around me and thats how they become my family.Then it would be my wonderful friends I only really have 3 best friends i'll tell you two of them off the back is Erik and Andyy I love them and tell them everything when i'm upset they know who I love who annoys me they know everything. I have many different ways to describe my friends BFF=Erik and Andy and a mystery person or BGFFL=Zaidee and of course my BFFN=Cyrus. Then it would be my SL relationships which I had a handful of them, some were good while they lasted and happy it ended. Also glad I learned from the ones that were just crazy because if i didnt experience the crazy ass ones first i wouldn't have found my sexy slutface russian who makes me laugh he is dorky,funny,loyal and is an all out serious person he isn't perfect BUT he is mine and he isn't a liar and is real with me makes me smile and laugh my ass off and that is all I ask of him.I think thats all i want to say just never take things for granted because even though we have our ups and down just never give up...